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With no likelihood of institutional backing because of the UFO taboo, we have conceived of UFODATA from the start as a grassroots, collective effort that will stand or fall based on our ability to tap into large numbers of the millions of people out there who, like us, think that UFOs deserve scientific study. So if you are inspired by our idea of building an eventually worldwide network of UFO surveillance stations, we cordially invite you to support us with a contribution. And precisely because of our intention of enlisting large numbers of people, donations of any amount would be valuable and sincerely appreciated.

If you donate now you will be contributing to the first phase of what we plan to be a two-stage launch of the project. In Phase One we will rely on people who are already in the ufology community, our colleagues, friends, plus members of the public who see our project as a way to become an active supporter of UFO research, to bring in enough funds to build and test a single, prototype station ­ ideally at least $30,000. All money raised in this stage will be used to buy the various station components (which we have already identified), construct the station, and begin to write the software to make it operational.

This station and our work will then be the centerpiece for a more intensive Phase Two, commencing soon after the station is constructed and systems tested. It will involve a formal crowdfunding campaign designed to bring in enough money to start constructing a network of multiple stations and thus really get UFODATA off the ground. The prototype station will "star" in a compelling video that will be crucial to the success of Phase Two, as it will convince potential supporters of our technical competence and progress. Because we want to put all resources in Phase One toward station design and construction, we can't offer any "swag" for your donation now, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped build the foundation for the whole enterprise.

You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation using your credit card.

UFODATA is a Ohio-based tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN number 47-2468507). Your donation is tax deductible in the USA (Please consult your tax advisor for relevant details).

To donate by check, please send it to the following address, made payable to UFODATA:

P.O. Box 14539
Columbus, OH 43214-9998

For further information on donations and alternative methods, please contact us directly: